Winter Travels 2016

Winter Travels 2016

Holden Village, WA

Recently, I took a study-away trip to a small Lutheran village in the North Cascades.

After a two day train ride, midnight bus ride, and a three hour ferry on Lake Chelan, we finally arrived at the docks. An hour bus ride took us up into the mountains to Holden Village, a mining town converted into a Lutheran intentional community.

Holden in nestled between several snow-covered  mountains, one being Buckskin. In by 44 days in Holden, I searched for the perfect angle to capture the majestic beauty of Buckskin. One night, I borrowed some snowshoes and hiked 20 minutes out of the Village.

I saw the clouds part for the full moon that was out that night, the light gently illuminating the mountain. I sat there waiting for the clouds to do this again, and finally, I got it!